Fotofestival Schiedam 2017

Fotofestival Schiedam takes place from 12 to 22 October and is an annual 10-day photo manifestation with exhibitions and activities showing current and actual developments in photography. The program is based on a theme that explores the relationship between photography and the world because this once trusted medium increasingly shapes and colors to the way we perceive our reality. Fotofestival Schiedam wants to highlight exciting and high-quality imagery that does justice to the complexity of contemporary seeing, showing that there is a world of choices and thoughts hidden behind the final result.

Like previous years, Fotofestival Schiedam is characterized by the special combination with other (art) disciplines. At different locations in the historic center, various art projects are exhibited, from young talents as well as established names. More so than previous years, the organization wants to highlight the distinctive cultural position of Schiedam within the metropolitan periphery of Rotterdam.


The theme of the festivals fifth edition is Blueprint. A theme that explores and deepens the relationship between graphic and spatial design. The festival contextualizes the theme by programming exhibitions and offering artistic interventions between disciplines. It also offers a fringe program for a broad audience ranging from amateurs to professionals that consists of lectures, workshops, and guided tours. Collaborations with visual art institutions from Schiedam and Rotterdam are sought, and national and international partners are involved in the program, so that we can present a wide scope of movers and shakers in the contemporary image culture, both in the online and offline world.


More information about Fotofestival Schiedam? Feel free to contact Floor van den Elsen, communication & pr: communicatie@fotofestivalschiedam.nl. Image material, logo and press releases are available in this PRESSKIT.


Fotofestival Schiedam cannot thrive without its volunteers! Do you care about photography and/or the cultural life of Schiedam and would you like to contribute in organizing a fantastic festival together with the team? Then sign up here.


We are always interested in discovering work from photographers. Keep in mind though that with a small team there is little time to reply to everyone, but if we are interested we will contact you. A link to your website is sufficient, we like to keep our inbox as light as possible.


business leadership
Marcel Kollen
concept and strategy
Chee Yee Tang
program coordinator
Lise Straatsma
program team
Marcel Kollen, Lise Straatsma, George Knegtel, Max van Dongen, Chee Yee Tang
Dimitar Galileev, Miranda Lockhorst
Floor van den Elsen, Malou Te Wierik
Esther Estévez Irazábal
Sean Jeronimus (Twee)
advice and final editing
Anouk van Mil, Renée Hartog (Milc)
exhibition design
Lise Straatsma, George Knegtel, Miranda Lockhorst
city marketing
photo campaign image
Luis Hernan- Digital Ethereal
Thanks to:
all the volunteers, participants, photographers, partners, executives and other stakeholders that make this festival possible. We are deeply grateful!


Fotofestival Schiedam
Hoogstraat 101B
3111 HD Schiedam

municipality of Schiedam
Daguerre Foundation
Frank Dirks
Laurens de Boer
Vanya Pieters